Tory policies will take Wales backwards

2011 Mawrth 30 4:40 PM

Wyn WilliamsCommenting on the launch of the Conservative Welsh general Election campaign, Wyn Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Montgomeryshire said:

"The Tories say that the Welsh economy is weak but their own policies would take Wales backwards.

"Wales' weak economy is a direct result of low levels of skills and underfunded and underperforming schools.

"The Tories want to slash budgets for economic development, training and schools in Wales at the very time when these areas need to be prioritised.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats will focus on tackling the skills gap and making sure that Wales is a good place to do business. We will create jobs and improve our economy by offering companies £2000 for staff training if they provide jobs to unemployed young people."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?