Wyn Williams and Kirsty Williams launch manifesto for Montgomeryshire

2011 Ebrill 3 8:28 PM

Wyn and Kirsty in MontThe Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams and Wyn Williams, the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Montgomeryshire today launch their manifesto for Montgomeryshire with a pledge to support the Newtown by-pass which is threatened by Conservative proposals to cut the Welsh government's transport budget.

Wyn Williams and the Welsh Liberal Democrats have announced proposals to:

Wyn Williams, the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Montgomeryshire said:

"This election is so important for local people. As a local farmer and businessman who sends my children to local schools, I understand only too well the pressure that local families are under and the services they rely on.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats are today launching a Montgomeryshire manifesto that focuses on the issues that really matter to people in our area; who will create jobs in Montgomeryshire; who

will fund our schools properly, who will protect health services, who will ensure the Newtown by-pass is built and who will protect rural services."

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Wyn Williams is a first class local candidate, Mongomeryshire born and bred. I know he will always fight for this area.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats are consistently the strong voice for rural aeas in the Assembly.

"Our full manifesto will outline our plans in more detail - for all of Wales. These proposals show that we are committed to making sure mid Wales isn't left behind.

"Labour and Plaid have let down rural Wales. Montgomeryshire needs a stong voice that ensures that Montgomeryshire does better. With the Conservatives threatening to cut funding for schools, roads and jobs, Wyn Williams can be that strong voice."


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