Social enterprises vital in regenerating communities – Kirsty Williams

2011 Ebrill 6 1:05 PM

Maniffesto 2011: Gwell gwleidyddiaeth, rhoi pobl leol mewn grymKirsty Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader today visited a social enterprise in Wrexham with local candidate Bill Brereton and North Wales candidate Aled Roberts to highlight to party's policies to boost social enterprises that would regenerate communities across Wales. The Welsh Liberal Democrats would use new law making powers to pass a law boosting the position of social enterprises and community development trusts, exempt them from business rates and make it easier for social enterprises to tender for council and Welsh Government contracts.

Caia Park Partnership is a registered charity based in Caia Park in Wrexham. The Partnership has been in existence over fifteen years and delivers a needs-led service for people on Caia Park. The Partnership tries through providing training, support and advice to enable local residents to achieve their full potential. They offer a complete and complementary range of services that inter-link to support an individual to develop new skills and gain experience and confidence.

The Welsh Liberal Democrat today also opened their new North Wales regional office.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said,

"We want to see more social enterprises, mutuals and cooperatives thrive across Wales so that we can regenerate communities and support local economies. A new Welsh economy would support all types of business and diversity in our economy will lead to greater job security in the event of another economic downturn.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats would pass a law boosting the position of social enterprises and community development trusts that will strengthen their position, exempt them from business rates and make it easier for social enterprises, mutuals and co-operatives to tender for Council and Welsh Government contracts. We need to give social enterprises, like Caia Park, an opportunity to develop and thrive across Wales."

Aled Roberts, Welsh Lib Dem North Wales Candidate said:

"Caia Park Partnership is a social enterprise that provides excellent training opportunities to local people and it is a local employer. It currently employs over 75 people with many more people giving up their time to volunteer. The Welsh Liberal Democrats want to see similar organisations thrive across Wales providing jobs and regenerating our communities.

"Labour just doesn't understand that regenerating communities and boosting local economies cannot be done from a Ministerial office in Cardiff. Local people have local knowledge and they are the best ones to decide how best to regenerate their communities."

On the opening of the North Wales Regional Welsh Lib Dem office, Bill Brereton, Welsh Lib Dem Wrexham Assembly Candidate said:

"Welsh Liberal Democrats are growing in strength across North Wales and that is why we are opening a North Wales office. The people of North Wales want to know what the Welsh Liberal Democrats will offer them. We will tell them over the weeks ahead our policies to boost our economy, improve our education system and cut waiting times by cutting waste in the NHS. Labour and Plaid have failed us over the last four years. They don't deserve another term in government.

"Politicians across North Wales must also stop squabbling about the campaign and concentrate on offering the people of Wales their own vision for the next five years in Wales."


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