Nigel Howells: Labour are desperate to avoid talking about their record in Wales

2011 Ebrill 7 2:19 PM

Nigel HowellsCommenting on the launch of the Labour election campaign, Nigel Howells, the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Cardiff Central, said:

"After the referendum vote in favour of law making powers, it is essential that this election campaign focuses on Wales and the priorities for a future Welsh government.

"Labour are desperate to avoid talking about their record in Wales. Together with Plaid they have left us with a weak economy, underfunded schools, and an NHS that costs more but delivers less. It is a truly dismal record of failure in the most important areas for the people of Wales.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that Wales can do better and will focus relentlessly on three priorities to create the boost our economy, improve our health service and provide the first class education that Welsh children deserve."


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