2011 Ebrill 14 12:00 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will expose an example of the waste and inefficiency of Labour and Plaid Cymru in government on each day of the Welsh general election campaign

Last November, it was revealed that £3.5 million of Welsh Government money had been spent in the last three years on 'climate change awareness', rather than programmes that directly reduce carbon emissions. Grants include £20,000 over two years for an annual newspaper supplements on climate change and over £0.5 million a year to the Sustainable Development Commission and Cynnal Cymru.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats estimated that this money could have paid for around 1000 improvements to homes in fuel poverty through the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme making an immediate impact on carbon emissions.

Rob Speht, Welsh Liberal Democrat Swansea West Assembly Candidate said:

"Public awareness campaigns can play a part in highlighting issues but there are some areas, like climate change, where weve seen huge amounts spent on public awareness from films, celebrities and the voluntary sector. Does the Government telling people what to do actually help change behaviour?

"The Labour-Plaid Government didn't have to spend £3.5 million on telling people about climate change. They would have been better advised to put that money in to schemes that have a direct impact, for example reducing fuel poverty and cutting emissions by insulating people's homes."

"Labour and Plaid Cymru have turned waste, incompetence and inefficiency into an art form. The days of spend, spend, spend are over, efficiency and value for money should be the mantra."


Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?