Welsh Lib Dems want Community Bill of Rights for local people – Nigel Howells

2011 Ebrill 14 1:01 PM

On a visit to an historic pub in Cardiff, the Welsh Liberal Democrats today announced that in government they will be pursuing a new law for community empowerment.

The Community Bill of Rights would contain a series of proposals for community councils and local authorities such as:

Joining Nigel Howells on the visit was Jenny Randerson, former Cardiff Central Assembly Member, who has played a prominent role in Save the Vulcan campaign.

Nigel Howells, Welsh Liberal Democrat Cardiff Central Assembly Candidate said:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats are proposing a Community Bill of Rights to ensure that every community in Wales has the power to decide how it should look in the future. We want to devolve power to local communities whereas the Labour-Plaid government want to make decisions over their future in a cosy Ministerial office in Cardiff.

"We want to give local councils the power to protect historic buildings with a social or community significance, such as historic pubs like the Vulcan Inn in Cardiff. They are best placed to put into action what local people want.

"Each Community Bill of Rights policy is worthwhile on its own, but delivered together it would constitute greater power handed over to local people and communities across Wales.

"The overwhelming 'Yes' vote in last month's devolution referendum proved that the people of Wales want more say in how their communities are run and the Welsh Liberal Democrats can deliver that."


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