Kirsty Williams: Tourism can help drive economic recovery

2011 Ebrill 18 2:00 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats today confirmed their commitment to taking advantage of Wales' natural beauty and tourism industry to boost the economy as they visited a successful rafting activity centre in Cardiff. Maniffesto 2011: Gwell dyfodol i'n hamgylchedd

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Nigel Howells, Cardiff Central Candidate and Sian Anne Cliff, Cardiff South and Penarth Candidate, saw for themselves the part activity centres like Cardiff International White Water play in bringing tourists to Wales.

In their manifesto the Welsh Liberal Democrats promise to:

Prioritise the marketing of Wales as a tourist destination to new overseas marketsMake St. David's Day a public bank holiday and a global celebration of Wales, raising international awareness and encouraging people to visit and buy Welsh products.Develop a major events calendar that is specifically tasked with bringing events to all of Wales. We will bid for the Tour de France and a major American Football game.Promote off-season activities and assisting in creating a wider range of winter activities across Wales in order to reduce seasonal variations in tourism.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Wales' natural beauty is one of our great resources and we have great vibrant cities. Tourism brings in over £6 billion to Wales every year and supports 172, 000 jobs. It is a central part of the Welsh economy but with the right support, it could grow further and help fuel a sustainable economic recovery.

"Tourism is a major driver of the Welsh economy and should be treated as such. That is why the Welsh Liberal Democrats would put tourism back into the economy portfolio.

"There is no reason at all why with, the right leadership, Wales couldn't make a competitive bid for the Tour de France or a major American Football game to come to Wales."

Nigel Howells, Cardiff Central Candidate said:

"Wales is a country that can offer so much to visitors and we want to take advantage of that to help small businesses across Wales who rely on tourism, on and off season.

"Welsh Liberal Democrat-led Cardiff Council is already taking advantage of major sporting events to boost the economy. We were successful in their bid to host the Ashes Test in Cardiff which saw thousands of people come to Cardiff and the surrounding area, giving the economy a welcome boost."


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