Welsh Lib Dems: Investment in public transport essential for our economy

2011 Mai 2 10:21 AM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have higlighted their commitment to investing in public transport to help drive the economic recovery.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are outlining plans to:

Rob Speht, the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Swansea West said:

"The Labour-Plaid government It has wasted £8 million of our money subsidising the 'Ieuan Air' north-south airlink, but has failed to invest sufficiently in sustainable rail and bus transport.

"Only the Welsh Liberal Democrats will scrap this tax payer subsidised pollution and instead prioritise rail and bus travel.

"We will protect free bus travel for pensioners but we also understand that free bus travel only helps if there is a decent bus service. So we will re-regulate the buses to ensure that new transport authorities can plan a proper services across Wales, including in the rural and poorere areas whcih are so let down at the moment."

Peter Black, the Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for South Wales West said:

"Getting public transport right is a critical part of ensuring that Wales grows successfully.

"It's great news that journey times to Swansea will be shortened by 20 minutes after the announcement of the electrification of the Great Western Mainline. We'll continue to press for electrifcation to Swansea because of the other advantages that it brings."

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats will re-negotiate the Arriva Trains contract to ensure that we invest in re-opening new stations and electrifying the Valleys lines and make existing stations more accesible and safe."


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