Kirsty Williams: “Use your two votes to ensure Wales can do better”

2011 Mai 4 9:23 AM

Cutout of Kirsty WilliamsCampaigning in mid Wales with Simon Hughes MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams has delivered her eve of poll message to voters.

The Welsh Liberal Democrat leader, Kirsty Williams said:

"Labour and Plaid, together in Government, have left us with a weak economy, underfunded schools and an NHS that costs more but delivers less. And they have turned waste and incompetence into an art form.

"Labour's Mr. Jones blames Westminster. Plaid Cymru's Mr Jones, well, he blames Labour's Mr Jones.

"The two men who run the country, have spent this campaign avoiding talking about their record because their record is so bad.

"On Thursday, you can use your two votes to ensure that Wales can do better. We need a government in Wales that will get on with the job of improving things here. Not blaming everyone else.

No more excuses, Welsh Liberal Democrats have costed and affordable plans to:

"Every vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats on Thursday will be a vote of confidence in a Wales that can do better."


Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?