Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Ministers announced

2011 Gorffenaf 11 12:44 PM

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has today announced the Shadow Ministers of the Welsh Liberal Democrats in the National Assembly for Wales.

Kirsty Williams AM:

Leader, Health and Social Care

Peter Black AM:

Local Government, Heritage, Housing and Finance (Business manager)

Eluned Parrott AM:

Enterprise, Transport, Europe and Business

William Powell AM:

Environment, Sustainability and Rural Affairs

Aled Roberts AM:

Children, Education and the Welsh Language

Kirsty Williams said:

"The new Welsh Liberal Democrat group in the Assembly will bring their experiences from different parts of Welsh society and provide an effective voice for the people of Wales in the chamber.

"William Powell is best placed to represent rural Wales and the environment as he has his roots in the rural community.

"Aled Roberts takes on the education portfolio following his leadership of Wrexham Council's continuing success at raising GCSE rates in the county.

"Eluned Parrott, with her experience working with the higher education and research sector will take on the business and enterprise portfolio.

"With years of experience in local government, Peter Black takes on that portfolio and I take on the health brief to ensure that I speak up for the people of Wales if the Welsh Government leads the NHS down the wrong avenue. 

"We will be ready to support the Welsh Government where common sense and value for money prevails however we will also be a critical but constructive opposition when the Welsh Government gets it wrong." 


Kirsty sits on Health and Social Care Committee and Standards of Conduct Committee

Peter Black sits on Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee and Finance Committee

Eluned Parrott sits on Enterprise and Business Committee and Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee

William Powell sits on Environment and Sustainability Committee and chairs Petitions Committee

Aled Roberts sits on Children and Young People Committee and Public Accounts Committee


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