Welsh Liberal Democrat response to legislative statement

2011 Gorffenaf 12 5:50 PM

Responding to the Welsh Government's Legislative Statement, Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"There is much in this programme that we can support - and for many Bills we must wait to see the detail before rushing to judgment.

"It is deeply disappointing that the First Minister has missed the opportunity to set out proposals to drive the economic recovery, creating jobs and developing local economies by allowing councils to fund regeneration projects from future business rate income and by creating Enterprise Zones.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats would also like to have seen a Health Spending Bill to establish an independent waste watchdog to examine the way money in the health service is spent.

"Whilst we support measures to improve cycling, we believe a Transport Bill should also improve public transport by creating Joint Transport Authorities and re-regulating bus services.

"The measures relating to local government are openly hostile. Rather than legislating to tell councils what to do at every turn, the Government should take the approach of strengthening the powers and the ability of local authorities to deliver quality public services.

"Nevertheless, there are many areas of the Government's proposed legislation where the Welsh Liberal Democrats can be supportive and we will work cooperatively with the government and scrutinize closely to ensure that the Bills brought forward are as effective as possible."


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