Welsh Liberal Democrats welcomes progress in reforming S4C

2011 Gorffenaf 23 10:59 AM
Cyhoeddwyd yn wreiddiol gan Peter Black a Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Gorllewin De Cymru

Commenting on a leaked report that concluded that Welsh Language broadcaster, S4C is secret, arrogant, politically naïve and ignorant about what really constitutes a Welsh-speaking society, Welsh Liberal Democrats Heritage Spokesperson, Peter Black said:

"It is encouraging that S4C themselves commissioned this report and seem ready to embrace its recommendations. Welsh broadcasting is entering a difficult period of retrenchment in which each one of the broadcasters will need to be resilient, efficient, innovative and fully in-touch with the needs of its audiences if they are to survive.

"Organisations like S4C will need the full support of their staff and their contractors and their commissioning bodies to reform and deliver a broadcasting body fit for the new economic realities they find themselves in. On the evidence of this report they have some way to go but a start has been made and I welcome that."


Note for Editors: The report, which was leaked to the Western Mail says: "Externally the culture of S4C was described as secretive, politically naive, as having arrogance beyond its role, being the worst example of how to behave as a public service broadcaster, lacking an understanding of what Welsh- speaking society really is, having a basic problem with communicating with its stakeholders, risk averse, unable to trust its suppliers, riddled with silos, uncreative and unwilling to change.

In response An S4C spokesman said: "The authority has taken decisions to address some of the fundamental issues that Richie Turner has identified. The report makes it clear that recent changes and improvements may not be fully reflected in the findings.

"Mr Turner has been working with a team at S4C and his brief was to produce a challenging document to invoke discussion and present ideas and models for S4C to consider. Throughout the process, Mr Turner has been discussing his findings with the authority and senior management and many of his recommendations have been or are being actively implemented or discussed."

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