2011 Medi 1 11:21 AM
Cyhoeddwyd yn wreiddiol gan Roger Williams MP

Roger Williams MP visited the National Trust Abergwesyn Project with The Project Officer, Jessica Tyler to see the work that is being done to maintain the landscape and biodiversity of this important Mid Wales Upland Commons. The National Trust is the Lord of the Manor of a series of Commons. It is working with the graziers to ensure that the Commons maintain their role as important parts of the farming system.

A recent project has included the reintroduction of cattle to graze the Common so as to encourage plants that sheep are more likely to graze. Without cattle the vegetation is likely to change and become less productive for the typical hardy sheep that graze these mountains. The hill sheep are the basis of the sheep industry of the UK providing breeding ewes for the lowlands to use.

Roger Williams MP said "It was a tonic to walk up on the hills of Mid Wales as so many visitors do to recharge their batteries and gain a better perspective on life. But this will only be possible if the grazing management through cattle and sheep is maintained and the open appearance of the landscape is protected. I commend Jessica Tyler for working closely with the farming community to achieve these mutually compatible objectives".

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?