Welsh Lib Dems set out the key elements of a National Cancer Plan

2011 Hydref 12 3:55 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will today call on all parties to sign up to the key elements of a successful national cancer plan for Wales. Last week, all party agreement was reached that Wales needed a comprehensive cancer plan. The Welsh Liberal Democrats motion sets out the key elements of what a successful strategy, including:

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"Wales can tackle cancer but it needs the government to give it the priority and attention that it deserves. Welsh Liberal Democrats have set out plans to develop a comprehensive National Cancer Plan for Wales.

"So far, the Welsh Government has failed to develop proper strategies to improve the prevention and treatment of cancer, as Scotland and England have done. The result of this has been patients in Wales receiving worse services than over the border.

"Wales needs a cancer service that is focused on the patient and their family from diagnosis, treatment through to aftercare, remission and palliative care. In short, a service that doesn't stop when the treatment stops.

"There is now a strong cross-party consensus in the Assembly for a National Cancer Plan for Wales. All parties now need to need to continue in that spirit of cooperation as we establish the details of what that plan should include."

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