First Minister confirms future NHS projects to be ‘re-examined’

2011 Tachwedd 2 2:15 PM

The First Minister today refused to guarantee the future of NHS projects that were given the green light before the last Assembly election.

During a scrutiny session in front of the Health and Social Services Committee, the Health Minister recently announced that she has stopped all planned NHS schemes.

In First Minister's Questions, Kirsty Williams AM asked the First Minister to specify which health investment projects would be put at risk, something he declined to do.

Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams, said:

"I am disappointed the First Minister refused to give any guarantees regarding the future plans for the health investment projects his Government proudly announced just before the election.

"During the Health and Social Services Committee, a senior Government official stated that he 'suspected it unlikely that the whole plan is to be torn up'.  Today the First Minister himself explicitly said that 'some projects will need to be re-examined'.

"It is a disgrace that his Government believe it to be acceptable to announce plans and then only months later change their minds.  People want to know what the impact will be across their communities.  The First Minister needs to respect the people of Wales by giving them the clarity they deserve on the future of these vital projects."

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