William Powell AM reiterates his call for a detailed review of energy planning regulations

2011 Tachwedd 3 4:53 PM

William Powell AM, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, has today reiterated his call for a detailed review of Welsh energy planning regulations in the wake of Scottish Power's admission that investors are threatening to turn away from Wales.

William Powell said:

"The fears raised by Scottish Power today are both disappointing and an entirely accurate representation of the state of Wales' energy planning regulations. Since I was elected to the National Assembly last May I have been consistently calling for a full review of the energy planning regulations, and of the TAN 8 document which is so closely linked to them."

"Wales is facing the very real possibility that renewable energy companies could abandon the nation entirely, due to the near quagmire caused by our ineffective planning regulations and the consequent loss of investor confidence. Although reasonable timescales are in place, they are often ignored, and technicalities found to delay decisions. This needs to be reformed."

"The Welsh Labour Government has a history of talking big when it comes to renewables, but has consistently failed to provide the support and leadership required to provide Wales with the sustainable future it so desperately needs. The Government needs to understand that a long term sustainable strategy, with genuine community support, is essential to Wales' future. It has the capacity to provide much needed jobs for decades to come and we must not let our potential to lead in this sector go unrealized."

"For renewable industries to survive they need our support. Both the renewable sector - and communities across Wales - need us to be consistent, and they need clarity. For too long the Welsh Government has failed to realise this need and this must change."

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