Labour’s spending plans not fit for Wales – Kirsty Williams

2011 Tachwedd 15 1:51 PM

The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams, has confirmed that her party will not vote for the Welsh Government's draft budget this afternoon as it does not go far enough to address the problems that Wales faces.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats will be supporting the opposition amendment to the draft budget that better reflects the spending priorities needed in Wales.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"We don't believe that this budget goes far enough to address the problems we face in Wales.

"This budget fails to address the shocking scandal that as the schools performance gap between Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland continues to grow, Labour still spends £600 less on each pupil each year compared to those living in England.

"We have already said that we will not support a budget that does not make progress towards closing the funding gap with England - starting with the poorest children who need the extra help the most.

"This draft Welsh Government budgets also neglects the need to tackle unemployment and boost the economy by incentivising employers that take on new trainees. Additional resources towards re-booting the Welsh economy and providing training for those without work must be included in a budget that the Welsh Liberal Democrats can support.

"We want a budget that serves the people of Wales and that is why we have come together with the other two opposition parties to form a spending plan that will address the challenges we face.

"However, we will continue to talk to all parties concerned so that we can deliver what is in the best interest of Wales."

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