Welsh Liberal Democrat response to Boundary Commission’s Anglesey proposals

2011 Tachwedd 21 5:13 PM

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales has today published its draft proposals for the future governance of Anglesey. The plans, which are due to go out to consultation, are likely to mean May's council elections will be delayed.

The local authority is currently being run by Welsh government appointed commissioners due to the authority's poor performance in the past after years of political infighting.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Local Government, Peter Black, commented:

"We very much welcome the Boundary Commission review as we believe it will help to revitalise this beleaguered Council.

"However, a delay of a year before elections are held on the Island is unacceptable. If any Council is in need of democratic renewal it is Ynys Mon.

"We need to return to normality at the Council as soon as possible and that means handing it back to democratically elected Councillors in an ordered way. If May 2012 proves impractical as a target to hold these elections, then I would favour September or October 2012 as a compromise.

"The minister cannot allow the disenfranchisement of local electors to continue any longer than it needs to."

Aled Roberts, Assembly Member for North Wales, added:

"It is imperative that we are told what progress has been made by the Commissioners on the identified task of democratic renewal. The people of Anglesey are in no different a position to the other electors of North Wales; they are entitled to their local services being provided by a locally elected Council whose members and officers are accountable for their actions and decisions.

"The length of time it has taken to publish this review must also be called into question. The Welsh government intervention took place back in March 2010, why has it taken so long for this announcement to be made?"

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