Shadow Education Minister Aled Roberts welcomes Masters announcement

2011 Tachwedd 23 3:56 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Education in the Assembly, Aled Roberts, has welcomed today's Statement by the Education Minister that the Welsh Government will be introducing a Masters in Educational Practice for newly qualified teachers. The three-year programme will help teachers develop their ability to raise pupil attainment in schools: literacy, numeracy, reducing the impact of poverty, additional learning needs, behaviour management and reflective practice. It will start for the first time in September 2012.

Commenting, Aled Roberts AM said:

"I welcome this approach as part of the Newly Qualified Teachers professional development process. During the Welsh election, the Welsh Liberal Democrats were calling for more support and training for teachers. Good teachers are vital in delivering a high standard of education in Wales.

"I am very pleased to see that this new qualification will be based on practical teaching experience and that until detailed evaluation has been carried out it will not be made mandatory.

"There are proposals for the Masters programme to be developed so that education professionals at all stages of their careers can participate. This will ensure that not only teachers but aspiring head teachers can be assured of a solid career structure and continuous professional support.

"It will be necessary to assess the impact of the proposals on border areas in particular and to clarify whether this will form part of the evaluation process. I will be writing to the Minister asking him to clarify that point.

"Overall, I am pleased with this development and look forward to following its progress with interest."

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