Economic stimulus package will give a welcome boost to the Welsh economy – Kirsty Williams

2011 Tachwedd 28 12:07 PM

The Welsh Government has today announced the details of Economic Stimulus Package jointly agreed by the Welsh Liberal Democrats and the Welsh Labour Government. Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said:

"As part of the agreement to support the Welsh Government budget, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have been able to agree an Economic Stimulus Package of £38.9 million to be spent on a range of measures to stimulate the economy, protect and promote jobs and improve the standard of life for many people across Wales.

"During these difficult times we must use public money wisely, investing in projects that help kick start the economy. Our plans to fund the Capital Investment in Schools programme, a scheme to deliver an additional 130 affordable homes and the road enhancements will protect and promote jobs in the construction sector in Wales.

"Having a skilled workforce is a key element in a prosperous economy and that is why we have agreed to fund additional resources to the Young Recruits programme. This will deliver an additional 1,800 apprenticeships over the next months. Youth unemployment is unacceptably high and it is something we must focus on to ensure that we do not lose a generation of young people.

"The agreement on Economic Stimulus Package will not only generate immediate benefits for the economy by promoting jobs in the construction sector, it will also improve the standard of teaching for children in schools, reduce the burden on people who live in fuel poverty and ensure that we have a skilled workforce.

"We will also be working with the Labour Government on how to spend possible money coming down from Westminster in the Chancellor's autumn statement. The Welsh Liberal Democrats approach will be to continue to get our economy moving and improve the quality of life for people in Wales."

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