Aled Roberts comments on WJEC allegations

2011 Rhagfyr 8 2:31 PM

Commenting on an investigation in The Daily Telegraph that alleges that teachers are paying up to £230 a day to attend seminars with chief examiners where they are advised on exam questions and the exact wording that pupils should use to obtain higher marks, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Education, Aled Roberts AM, said:

"I asked written questions about the relationship between the Welsh government and Ofqual on the 3rd October 2011. It is clear that the Welsh Minister retains all responsibility on all decisions affecting candidates in Wales. It is also clear that where there are regulatory issues which affect candidates in Wales, the Welsh government will take action or act as lead regulator for that issue.

"The specific allegation made in the Daily Telegraph relates to a WJEC meeting held in London and it is therefore appropriate that Ofqual investigate the specific allegation. What the Minister needs to establish, as a matter of urgency, is whether similar information and advice has been given by the WJEC or other exam boards to teachers in Wales that affect Welsh candidates. If that is the case, or the Minister has any concerns as to whether this has occurred, either due to exam board policy or the actions of individual examiners, then the Minister needs to announce his own immediate enquiry or establish a joint enquiry with Ofqual.

"It is clear from the Ministers' written answer that where there are regulatory issues which affect the three nations of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, then joint action is appropriate."

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