Eluned Parrott AM Criticises ‘On the Hoof’ Policy

2011 Rhagfyr 12 11:37 AM

AMs today received a letter from the Business and Enterprise Minister explaining a delay in the announcement of further enterprise zones.

Reacting Eluned Parrott AM, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Economy Minister said "I am not surprised by yet another delay from this Welsh Labour Government. It merely confirms my suspicion that the Minister made an 'on the hoof' decision to bring enterprise zones to Wales without having any concept of the detail.

"On June 15th we called for enterprise zones with the coalition government well under way in determining the details of 21 enterprise zones in England. It took until 20th September for Wales to announce enterprise zones.

"While England moves forward Edwina Hart continues to make it up as she goes along. If we are not careful England's enterprise zones will be sucking jobs out of Wales before we have even decided how big the enterprise zones are or where all of them will be!"

"I know we have to get these zones right but by the time we do it may be too late for Newport and other areas of Wales that need enterprise zones."

Beth hoffech chi ei wneud nesaf?