‘Wales needs better antenatal care’ – Kirsty Williams AM

2012 Ionawr 11 5:13 PM

Isobel Martin, founder of the Holly Martin Stillbirth Research Fund, will this evening be speaking to Assembly Members about stillbirth, the effect it has on families and what more can be done in terms of research to help understand and avoid this tragic event.

According to figures in 2009, Sands Charity states that 177 babies are stillborn every year in Wales. The roundtable discussion, hosted by Kirsty Williams AM, will be open to all Assembly Members.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, commented:

"There is compelling evidence suggesting that many babies' lives could be saved with better antenatal care. The stillbirth rate in Wales is still far too high.

"For the ultimate goal of stillbirth prevention, as well as to provide better care for those affected, Wales needs the government to be looking to provide increased investment into research.

"It is essential that mothers-to-be are also made aware of the risks of stillbirth. Not enough mothers are receiving information on the possibility of stillbirth from their midwife, even though it is a fact that many cases occur even in low risk pregnancies.

"One in every two hundred babies are stillborn with nearly 23% of cases unexplained. This is an absolute tragedy. The Government must be looking to provide comprehensive support to mothers who have suffered the loss of their baby."

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