‘Democratic accountability needs to be returned to Anglesey as soon as possible’ – Aled Roberts

2012 Ionawr 12 3:36 PM

North Wales Assembly Member, Aled Roberts, has today reiterated his calls for local elections not to be delayed in Anglesey.

The Local Government Minister faces a decision whether to delay the election for a year so they can take place on the new boundaries, or he can hold them in May 2011, based on the current boundaries.

The Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams, has made attempts to meet with opposition party leaders in an effort to put on a united front against any potential delays to the elections.

Aled Roberts AM commented:

"We feel that by delaying the elections the Minister would be denying the people of Anglesey their right to be able change their representatives through the ballot box.

"The Board of Commissioners are planning to cut vital services by £3.4 million, while also rising Council Tax by 5%. It is important that democratic accountability is returned to Anglesey as soon as possible, in order that such major decisions are made by elected representatives. We are still of the view that the best form of democratic renewal is to give the people of Anglesey the opportunity to elect people to represent them. There is no reason why that should not happen the same time as every other part of Wales.

"We have made attempts to gather a consensus among the opposition parties in order to set out the strongest possible case against any sort of delay to the elections. As we have said before, we are more than happy to work with other parties to present a united front to ensure that the people of Anglesey have local services provided by a locally elected Council whose members and officers are accountable for their decisions and actions."

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