‘Bite the Ballot’ campaign comes to National Assembly

2012 Ionawr 16 12:39 PM

Kirsty Williams, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, is this afternoon sponsoring the 'Bite the Ballot' event in the National Assembly.

'Bite the Ballot' is the grass-roots organisation improving the future of democracy in the UK by concentrating its efforts on increasing political participation among young people and empowering them to have their say in the democratic processes in the United Kingdom.

Following the success of previous events in Westminster, Bite the Ballot is now bringing the campaign to National Assembly for Wales, where 60 young people from across Wales will come to debate with AMs, councillors and other political representatives exploring the questions facing young people today. The event will be chaired by the ITV Wales' political correspondent - Adrian Masters.

Kirsty Williams, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

"When you look around the world and see how people are willing to put their lives on the line in order to gain the democratic right to vote, it makes you realise just how important it is to exercise that right if you have it available to you. It is easy to take the ability to vote for granted, but we must never forget the sacrifices that have been made so that we all have that right.

"It is often said that there is a considerable lack of connection between political institutions and the social environments that they are intended to represent, this is particularly true when it comes to younger people. The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that the law should be changed in order for the voting age to be reduced so that 16 year olds will also have the right to vote. Is it really that surprising that so many younger people are disillusioned with our democracy when politicians are not even attempting to engage with them due to the fact they can't vote?

"Campaigns such as 'Bite the Ballot' are essential if we are to encourage others to engage and take an active part in the decisions that affect us all. I am very much looking forward to the debate this afternoon which will also offer politicians the opportunity to hear the views of some of the younger people across Wales."

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