Welsh Liberal Democrats criticise delay of elections in Anglesey

2012 Ionawr 17 3:36 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have spoken out against the Local Government Minister's announcement that he intends to delay the election of councillors in the County of the Isle of Anglesey for a year.

Aled Roberts, Assembly Member for North Wales said:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats made our views clear to the Minister during the consultation process that we were not convinced, given the scale of issues facing Anglesey council, there was any reason to delay Council elections until 2013.

"Given the dire news reported by the Commissioners at the Council meeting yesterday regarding the 15% Council Tax increases, the 5% cuts to school budgets, the slashing of road maintenance, and outsourcing of leisure services, the people of Anglesey should be given the right to elect their representatives in May so that the democratic renewal process referred to by the Minister can start immediately."

Peter Black, Shadow Minister for Local Government, commented:

"We feel the Minister has made the wrong decision, if there is any Council in need of democratic renewal, it is Ynys Mon. Despite the huge cuts the Commissioners are planning, their budget will not be subject to democratic approval, despite it having far reaching consequences.

"We need to return to normality at the Council as soon as possible and that means handing it back to democratically elected Councillors in an ordered way. It is a great shame that, due to the Minister's decision, the people of Ynys Mon are not going to be allowed a say over how their council is going to be run."

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