Welsh Liberal Democrats submit proposals to Silk Commission

2012 Chwefror 3 12:44 PM

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have revealed proposals to reform the funding of the National Assembly to promote "accountability, fairness and growth." The Party today provided their suggestions in a weighty submission to the Silk Commission.

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said, "Our vision for devolution has always included making sure that the National Assembly has the appropriate range of powers available to improve the lives of the people of Wales.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats campaigned hard for a Yes vote in the referendum in March because we believed Wales would benefit from a broad range of legal powers. Today we have submitted a plan for a range of financial powers so that the Welsh Government - of whatever party or parties - and the Assembly as a whole can be further held accountable for the decisions they make, and be further challenged to make the economy grow so that the potential tax base is in turn increased".

These proposals include:

Kirsty added, "We have always advocated reform of the Barnett formula, as being essential to any financial reforms. The Welsh Liberal Democrats want to see this as a precursor to any devolution of taxes. Wales has missed out on funding for over a decade because of this unfair system.

"But our submission takes a much wider view of the way the National Assembly should be funded. Powers over taxes makes the Welsh government more accountable to the people of Wales and encourages the Welsh government to pursue better polices for growth. Borrowing powers will give the Welsh government more scope to stimulate the economy.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats have been arguing for greater devolution for over a century. This is the latest step in our long campaign for a federal UK. It will strengthen Wales and help make a real difference to the lives of people across the country."

Welsh Liberal Democrat Silk Commission proposals can be seen by clicking here.

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