‘Welsh Government must seize this opportunity to reform Glastir’ – William Powell AM

2012 Chwefror 8 9:58 AM

William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Rural Affairs Spokesperson, has called on the Welsh Government to use the opportunity presented by the 'Working Smarter' report to reform fundamentally the Glastir Scheme.

William Powell, Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, said:

"Despite there being around 14,000 expressions of interest, fewer than 2,000 farmers have so far signed up to Glastir. By any measure, this is far below the levels expected and the numbers required to make the scheme a success.

The 74 recommendations contained within the report demonstrate just how inappropriately regulated the farming sector in Wales has been in recent years, and I welcome the fact that the Welsh Government has accepted every single one in whole or in part.

As the report states, Glastir was 'introduced too soon and in a rushed fashion before the scheme policy detail was properly developed in a true partnership with stakeholders'. As such it is essential that the Welsh Government grasps this opportunity to reform Glastir and correct the mistakes of the One Wales Government, giving our farmers the support they need and deserve in facing the challenges that lie ahead."

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