Equalities Minister did not meet with Awema following warning report - Peter Black

2012 Chwefror 8 3:10 PM

Further evidence of Welsh Labour Government inaction over Awema has come to light. A Written Assembly Question reveals how, Jane Hutt, the then Equalities Minister had not met with Awema officials in her new tenure following a critical report of the race charity in 2004/2005

In April 2006, Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat AM asked:

"What meetings has the Minister had with the All Wales Ethnic Minority Association officials in the last 12 months?

Jane Hutt responded:

"I have not had any meetings with AWEMA officials over the past 12 months."

Responding to this revelation, Peter Black, Shadow Welsh Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister said:

"In light of the recent critical Awema report, my written assembly question to the then Labour Equalities Minister casts a dark shadow over Welsh Labour Government's reluctance to take action over a charity in receipt of thousands of tax payers' money.

"The Welsh Labour Government was warned not to continue funding this charity because of concerns surrounding project management, performance monitoring and financial management controls. Not only did the Welsh Labour Government continue funding this charity despite this warning, it seems that the Equalities Minister did not meet with officials to monitor their spending of millions of tax payers' money.

"The more we research what has been happening in Awema and in the secretive corridors of the Welsh Labour Government, the more murky and serious this affair is becoming."

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