Business Minister must understand that cooperation on inward investment is vital to Welsh economy – Parrott

2012 Chwefror 21 11:49 AM

Responding to the Welsh Affairs Committee's report on 'Inward Investment in Wales', Eluned Parrott, Shadow Welsh Liberal Democrat Business Minister said:

"I welcome the report of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee into inward investment in Wales. Their recommendations prove that they have clearly been thorough in their questioning and research. It is of great concern, however, that the Business Minister didn't attend to give evidence on something vitally important to the Welsh economy. I believe that this was a great error on her part as she is key in promoting Wales as a country open for business.

"The Business Minister may not be a great fan of the global capitalist system but I am interested in working with other administrations to promote Wales as a country where foreign businesses can invest. With people struggling to find jobs in Wales today, we must start putting people before ideology.

"In 2012, Britain is going to be the country of the Olympics with billions of people around the world looking at us. We need to take advantage of this and the sooner the Welsh Government engages with the UK Government on inward investment the better for the Welsh economy and Welsh jobs."

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