William Powell AM questions Welsh Government on Schmallenberg virus

2012 Chwefror 28 12:24 PM
Cyhoeddwyd yn wreiddiol gan William Powell AC

William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Environment and Sustainable Development, will today be speaking in the National Assembly for Wales to ask the Welsh Government to detail and explain what preparations have been made to prevent and treat the Schmallenberg virus.

William Powell, Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, said:

"The Schmallenberg virus has been known about for many months and everyone here in Wales has been deeply concerned about its potential impacts should it cross the border.

The essential course of action at this point is for the Welsh Government and farmers to follow established procedures and assure that any potential cases are contained, and that their impacts on the wider Welsh agricultural industry minimised.

The Welsh Government must lead the way in its response and accept the responsibility it has to Welsh farmers".

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