William Powell AM pushes Welsh Government to make good on promises and deliver a Low Carbon Transition

2012 Mawrth 14 4:04 PM
Cyhoeddwyd yn wreiddiol gan William Powell AC

William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, has called on the Welsh Government to deliver on years of un-fulfilled commitments to provide a long-term sustainable future for Wales, following the First Minister's 'Energy Wales: A Low Carbon Transition' document.

William Powell, Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales, said:

"It is remarkable the Welsh Labour Government continues to make so little progress when it comes to renewable energy here in Wales. As the First Minister's report highlights renewable energy generation has been virtually stagnant and makes up barely more than 5% of the total energy generated.

Such an unremarkable growth under Labour governments, both in Wales and the UK, clearly demonstrates the penalties of inaction which are causing the renewable energy sector to seriously considering turning their back on Wales.

While the Welsh Liberal Democrats openly accept that non-renewables will continue to play an important role in Wales' energy mix for the majority of this century; we continue to believe that the switch to renewable sources (whatever their type) has not been achieved at an effective rate.

While I welcome many elements of the report, it is hard to understand why the Welsh Government has made so little progress up to this point. As I and the Welsh Liberal Democrats have highlighted for many years the current planning system has been a hindrance and is in need of a substantial review. Any effective system must be there to enable people and not hinder economic and community developments.

Guidance documents like TAN-8 and ETSU-R-97 must not be treated as gospel. As technology and our energy needs develop, it is essential that our regulations are reviewed to reflect that.

Wales can only truly deliver a low-carbon economy if government, communities and industry are fully engaged with one other. The Welsh Government has historically failed to achieve this and this failure must not continue."

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