Council refers Labour’s Head of Press and Broadcasting alleged "corrupt practice" to police

2012 Ebrill 20 10:40 AM

Cardiff Council have asked the police to investigate whether Labour's Head of Press and Broadcasting and Splott ward candidate, Luke Holland, may have committed a "corrupt practice" as defined by the Representation of the People Act 1983.

Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, a law that regulates the fair running of elections,

"a person is guilty of a corrupt practice if,……, he causes or permits to be included in a document delivered or otherwise furnished to a returning officer for use in connection with the election-

  1. A statement of the name or home address of a candidate at the election which he knows to be false in any particular,"

A complaint was made about Luke Holland who is standing as a Labour candidate for Splott. An article published in the South Wales Echo on Tuesday 17 April 2012 made it clear that he has admitted to the paper to not currently living in Splott despite having listed his home address on his nomination form as living in Splott.

Cardiff Council has referred this matter to the Police to investigate under the Representation of the People Act 1983. Neither the Electoral Registration Officer, nor the Returning Officer have the remit to investigate this matter and as such it will be forwarded to the Police to decide what action they will take.

Gavin Cox, Welsh Liberal Democrat Splott ward candidate said:

"I am glad that the council has referred this complaint to the police. This is a very serious matter. This Labour candidate is allegedly misleading the people of the ward he seeks to represent. Labour say that they want to 're-gain' the trust of the electorate. This is frankly insulting.

"I do not expect any better from the Labour party. Their mud-slinging about candidates from other political parties earlier on in the week shows them for what they really are - hypocrites."

"I hope the people of Splott will take a good look at who will represent them in the council chamber: dedicated, hard working Welsh Liberal Democrat candidates who all live locally, or Labour with a candidate whose case has been referred to the police for alleged corrupt electoral practices."

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