Labour taking the ‘local’ out of local elections – Peter Black

2012 Ebrill 24 12:27 PM

Peter Black, Shadow Welsh Liberal Democrat Local Government Minister has criticised the Labour party and the Labour Government for taking the 'local' out of local government in the run up to the local government elections on May 3rd.

Campaigning for the council elections is well under way with Welsh Liberal Democrats reminding people of their record in local government and telling voters how they will work with their local communities if elected. Labour, on the other hand, is attempting to hoodwink the voters, telling people to vote on the record of the Westminster government and not on local issues.

Peter Black also criticised the Labour Government for postponing the local elections in Anglesey until 2013, denying the people of the island their democratic rights.

Peter Black, Shadow Local Government Minister, said:

"The Labour party is doing all it can to avoid talking about the issues that these elections are about - local issues that affect local communities.

"The clear message coming out of Labour's 'local' election campaign is that they don't care about our communities across Wales - they are just slinging mud at the Westminster government which is, incidentally, cleaning up the mess that they left behind.

"In previous local elections, Labour was booted out of Wales' County Halls because they didn't stand up for the local area. Their ploy of blaming everything on Westminster simply won't wash with the people of Wales in these local elections either.

"In clear contrast, the Welsh Liberal Democrat manifesto set out our vision for local councils and we are extremely proud of our record in local councils all across Wales.

"As the Welsh Liberal Democrat manifesto demonstrated, we are not afraid to use concrete examples of our achievements. We have brought real prosperity and jobs to our capital city, constructing a strong defence line against the challenging economic backdrop.

"In Swansea, we have invested heavily in transport, building a new bus station and introducing a city-wide Metro bus service.

"In Wrexham, we have ended the years of under investment in schools, almost doubling the percentage of students who achieve A-C grades at GCSE.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats are delivering for local people. We are fighting these elections with our heads held high as we know we have much to be proud of."

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