Rural areas have waited long enough for broadband roll-out in Wales - Mark Williams MP

2012 Ebrill 26 10:26 AM

Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has today raised with the Secretary of State for Wales the sluggish pace of progress is being made in the Welsh Assembly Government in the roll out of broadband.

Speaking in Welsh questions earlier today, Mark Williams praised the £57 million given to Wales for investment in broadband, and highlighted progress being made in other areas of the country where this investment had also been awarded, and spoke of the frustrations of those in rural areas of Wales who are still waiting for action.

Commenting Mark Williams said,

'Whilst I appreciate that this work has been rightly devolved to the Assembly, and some progress has been made in 'not spot' areas, that progress is slow, particularly compared with areas such as Cornwall who have already been putting much needed investment for broadband to good use through the Next Generation Broadband Programme.

'In rural areas we need action on this issue, and soon. Business in rural areas hope to grow, and consumers need to access other public services via the internet. We have waited patiently, and I hope we won't have to continue to do so for much longer.'

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