William Powell AM backs report into Single Environment Body

2012 Ebrill 27 2:11 PM

William Powell, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, has given his backing to the National Assembly for Wales' Environment and Sustainability Committee report into the business case for a single environment body for Wales.

William Powell, Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales and Welsh Liberal Democrat representative on the Committee, said:

"The four recommendations set out by the Environment and Sustainability Committee report highlights a series of critical issues which must be address if the creation of a new single environmental body is going to be a success. Over recent months we have heard evidence from across the environmental sector and the issues they have raised have made a significant contribution the creation of this report.

While I continue to support the three-way merger in principle, it is clear that the devil remains in the detail. Having considered the evidence, other members of the committee and I still have reservations over the capacity these proposals have to impact adversely on the commercial acumen of the Forestry Commission, rather than exploiting its full potential more widely.

I firmly believe that further work needs to be undertaken by the Welsh Government to ensure that any new single environment body can fulfil its remit in the best interests of Wales."

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