New jobs ‘lost in translation’ - Eluned Parrott

2012 Mai 9 10:54 AM

Eluned Parrott AM has questioned the Welsh Government's competency after it has been indicated that hundreds of jobs in Cardiff that had been touted as new are in fact mostly jobs that will be transferred from other parts of Cardiff.

Following his trade trip to India, the First Minister had spoken of hundreds of jobs coming to Cardiff thanks to investment by the Indian-owned call centre Firstsource. However, it has emerged that the majority of staff will actually transfer from another call centre operator in the city with the company stating that there has been a "misunderstanding" and the Welsh Government might have been a bit "over-enthusiastic".

Eluned Parrott, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Business and Enterprise, commented:

"The First Minister clearly stated that hundreds of jobs were coming to Cardiff, but now that has proven to be incorrect his Government has said they do not want to be drawn into a debate on semantics. Only a Labour Government as incompetent as this one can think the issue of literally hundreds of extra jobs is merely 'semantics'.

"While this 'misunderstanding' may be embarrassing for the First Minister, it's also embarrassed an important investor for Wales - a cardinal sin in business. When the First Minister returns form a trade visit, he needs to act responsibly and make sure that he is entirely sure on what has been secured, he certainly shouldn't be bragging to the media about the creation of what turns out to be mostly invisible jobs. We cannot afford job opportunities like this to be lost in translation.

"I welcome the fact that most of these jobs will be staying in Wales. Nonetheless, this latest business related gaffe once again puts a huge question mark over the economic competency of this Welsh Labour Government. Whether it is the Business Minister yearning for the days of Karl Marx, or the First Minister returning from a trade visit with completely the wrong figures, this Welsh Labour Government seems clueless on how to create an environment that would seem attractive to businesses wanting to create jobs in Wales."

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