Kirsty Williams calls on Welsh Government to tackle physiotherapy waiting lists

2012 Mai 10 12:41 PM

Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has called on the Welsh Labour Government to take immediate action to tackle huge NHS physiotherapy waiting lists.

Statistics released today reveal that the number of people waiting over 14 weeks for physiotherapy care increased to 2,755.

The maximum wait for access to specified diagnostic tests is 8 weeks and for specified services is 14 weeks. Today's statistics show that 8,420 patients have been waiting longer than 8 weeks for diagnostic services, while 3,516 patients have been waiting over 14 weeks for therapy services.

Kirsty Williams AM commented:

"The Welsh Labour Government can not allow this dismal state of affairs, where literally thousands of people are having to wait months until they start receiving diagnostic and therapy services, to continue.

"If we are to keep people healthy we need to make sure patients needing treatments, such as physiotherapy, get timely access to treatment - if this does not happen, more patients will end up being readmitted to hospital as they haven't been able to recover properly.

"The amount of people having to wait for these services has been constantly on the rise and I am increasingly worried about this trend. The Health Minister needs to get a grip on this situation to stop waiting times spiralling out of control."

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