Welsh Government’s Infrastructure Investment Plan is basic repackaging of old announcements - Peter Black

2012 Mehefin 6 11:03 AM

Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Finance Minister, has criticised the Welsh Labour Government for trying to hoodwink the people of Wales into believing that they are spending more money on capital projects when, in fact, they have just repackaged old spending commitments.

Peter Black said:

"The Welsh Labour Government is trying to portray itself as 'a government of spend' but today it has fallen flat on its face. As you open their pretty document entitled "Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan", you soon realise that the majority of their spending commitments have either been previously announced or they state that future projects are 'subject to capital allocations.'

"The only helpful thing the Welsh Government has done today is repackage their previous sending commitments into one easy to access document. This is not a proper vision for growth and our economy.

"What is newsworthy about today's announcement is the new capital spending for housing and energy saving schemes that have been agreed with the Welsh Liberal Democrats. This is new money that will be spent on boosting the construction sector, helping to reduce the number of people living in fuel poverty and alleviating pressure on the housing market for first-time buyers and people in social housing."

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