Kirsty Williams meets with Nick Clegg to discuss future of The Welsh Cavalry

2012 Mehefin 15 11:21 AM

While he was visiting Wales this afternoon, Kirsty Williams took the opportunity to hold a meeting with Nick Clegg to discuss the future of the Queen's Dragoon Guards - The Welsh Cavalry.

Following reports in the media, Welsh Liberal Democrat AMs and MPs have been contacted by a number of constituents who are concerned that the Welsh Cavalry regiment is to be amalgamated with another regiment or even dissolved completely.

Kirsty Williams commented:

"There have been various reports in the media relating to the future of the Welsh Cavalry, so of course it is only natural for me to raise this issue with Nick. The 1st Queens Dragoon Guards are held in high regard throughout Wales, so it would be a very sad day if this regiment, with such strong roots in Welsh communities, were to be lost.

"I took the opportunity today to reiterate the Welsh Liberal Democrat view to Nick that the Welsh Cavalry must remain in its current state. I am confident that Nick will relay the Welsh party's thoughts back to his Cabinet colleagues in London.

"Any disbandment or amalgamation of this fine regiment would be severely damaging to the Armed Forces in Wales. Of course I understand that strategically the Army wishes to reduce its heavy tank regiments, but the Welsh Cavalry is not a tank regiment, it is Recce regiment which is regarded as a priority for the future of the Army."

Former soldiers from the Welsh Cavalry are meeting with Welsh Liberal Democrat MPs in Westminster this afternoon to discuss the future of the cavalry.

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