Mark Williams calls for an extension of remit for Children’s Commissioner for Wales

2012 Mehefin 20 1:00 PM

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has questioned the Secretary of State for Wales regarding proposals to extend the remit of the Children's Commissioner for Wales.

As regulations currently stand, the Children's Commissioner for Wales is only able to address matters and make recommendations in the areas of responsibility which are devolved to the Welsh Assembly Government. This is limiting, and in more complex cases - which are often those cases when a consistent approach is needed most - the Children's Commissioner for Wales cannot look into matters which are the responsibility of UK Government such as welfare and benefits, or immigration.

As such the Welsh Liberal Democrats believe the Children's Commissioner for Wales should be able to look into all matters in cases brought to the Commissioner's attention. Upcoming legislation on Children and Families as outlined in the Queens Speech could provide a good opportunity to make this legislative change.

Commenting Mark Williams said:

"I was pleased the Secretary of State gave a positive response to this suggestion, and sounded keen to look into the matter and speak with colleagues.

"It makes sense for the Children's Commissioner for Wales to be able to look into all the matters relating to the case of a child in Wales, and my Welsh Liberal Democrat colleagues and I will continue to raise this matter where possible to ensure children in Wales get the best possible care."

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