‘Welsh Labour Government needs to stop dragging its heels’ – Peter Black

2012 Gorffenaf 5 3:33 PM

Shadow Minister for Local Government, Peter Black, has responded to the Deputy Prime Minister's announcement on the devolution of new powers to England's cities in a series of unique deals that will help them invest in growth, create jobs, support local businesses, control budgets and improve critical infrastructure.

The six "city deals" are for Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield, with deals for Liverpool and Manchester already agreed.

Peter Black AM commented:

"I very much welcome that the Liberal Democrats in Government are making it easier for local councils to borrow money to invest in jobs and growth. On the other hand, I am concerned that the Welsh Labour Government still hasn't even launched a consultation on looking at ways to help local councils raise money. The Welsh Labour Government has been dragging its heels for some time now with regards to helping councils finance investment. Once again they are allowing Wales to lag behind.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats believe in devolving power down to local authorities and not dictating to local communities about how they should do things. We all know that times are hard and people are struggling to find work, it is therefore imperative that the Welsh Labour Government pulls its finger out and actually start delivering for the people of Wales."

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