Cardiff South and Penarth Liberal Democrats first out of the blocks in election race.

2012 Gorffenaf 7 6:32 PM

Cardiff South and Penarth Liberal Democrats first out of the blocks in election race.

Local party selects local Bablin Molik as by-election candidate

Bablin MalikCardiff South and Penarth Liberal Democrats have today selected Dr Bablin Molik as their candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth by-election at a hustings with local members of the constituency.

Dr Bablin Molik, a researcher and mother of two, plays an active part in the community. She has helped set up a Saturday school in the area and she had worked with organisations helping women gain confidence and skills to be able to take an active role at every level in their communities.

Dr. Bablin Molik lives with her husband and two children in Splott and has lived in Cardiff since she was six years old.

Current MP Alun Michael (Labour) is resigning so that he can stand to be South Wales' police and crime commissioner.

Speaking after her selection, Dr. Bablin Molik commented:

"I am honoured to have been selected by the residents of Cardiff South and Penarth to fight this election on their behalf. For over half a century, Labour has held a parliamentary seat in the area and this makes Labour politicians think that they don't have to work hard to earn the respect, support and votes of the people. For too long, Labour has taken this area for granted.

"I want to change that. By the telling the residents of Cardiff South and Penarth what we've already done to lower their income tax bill, help protect pensioners in difficult times, provide more money for the education of poorer children and help young people get their foot on the employment ladder, I hope to earn their trust and votes and represent their views in Westminster.

"The Liberal Democrats are the clear alternative to Labour in Cardiff. In just a few months since the council election, we've seen how the Labour administration in the council has gone back to their old ways of being tribal, giving jobs to their own and spending huge amounts of council tax payers' money on executive pay in the council. Their priorities are totally out of synch with the priorities the people in my community.

"Cardiff South and Penarth Liberal Democrats are ready to take on this fight to give local people an alternative choice to the tired and idle Labour party."

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