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Welsh Liberal Democrats fight for a fair deal for Welsh produce

2012 Gorffenaf 23 10:50 AM

On the opening day of the Royal Welsh Show, the Welsh Liberal Democrats have reiterated their pledge to continue to fight for a fair deal for farmers.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats have long fought for farmers and consumers in Wales to get a fair price for Welsh produce. That's why the party is backing the UK Coalition Government's new "Supermarket Ombudsman".

Recently four processors said they planned to reduce what they pay for milk by 2p per litre, which has led to farmers protesting over this unfair move. The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that far too many farmers are being forced to leave the dairy industry as milk processors and supermarkets are simply not paying them enough for the milk.

The Liberal Democrats insisted that the UK government will introduce a supermarket ombudsman to ensure that Welsh farmers get a fair deal throughout the supply chain. They are still campaigning for the ombudsman to have more powers to make sure farmers and consumers get a fair deal for Welsh produce - rather than the raw deal they are getting at the moment.

This Supermarket Ombudsman will ensure that large supermarkets deal fairly and lawfully with their suppliers.

Kirsty Williams, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats said, "The creation of this new supermarket ombudsman is great news for farmers and I hope that it will be given the extra powers it needs to stop Welsh farmers being ripped off by supermarkets trying to make a quick profit.

"We are campaigning hard for a strengthened supermarket ombudsman so that everyone gets the best deal possible for Welsh produce - from the farmer's yard to the household fridge. I'm pleased the UK government has made a start, but this can only be the beginning."

Roger Williams, Brecon and Radnor MP said:

"Farmers are the backbone of our community and it's vital that both governments, in Wales and Westminster, help them get a fair deal for their produce. I have been working hard in Parliament to give the supermarket ombudsman more teeth so that farmers and consumers can be guaranteed a fair price for Welsh produce, whether it's lamb, beef, milk or potatoes."