‘We need more than just words to achieve electrification of North Wales line’ – Aled Roberts AM

2012 Hydref 10 12:38 PM

The Welsh Labour Government needs to work with the UK Government to secure funding to develop a business case on the electrification of the coast line to Holyhead, according to Aled Roberts AM.

The Transport Minister recently confirmed in the Assembly Chamber that he was willing to support a bid to develop a business case, but Aled Roberts AM is urging the Welsh Government to bid for finance for the business case immediately.

Aled Roberts, Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for North Wales, commented:

"The Transport Minister confirmed to me that he was willing to support a businesses case for electrification of the coast line to Holyhead, but the people of North Wales want more than just words.

"This Welsh Labour Government has a reputation for dragging its heels when it comes to making the big decisions. I'm therefore calling on the Minister to move this to the top of his agenda so that we can present a comprehensive business case as soon as possible to the UK Department of Transport.

"There is a budget of approximately £140 million within the UK Department for Transport for projects such as this one, so money is there for developing the case for the project - but there must be a willingness to engage from the Welsh Labour Government. They need to ensure that the bid is submitted in the short term.

"The Secretary of State for Wales recently said he is keen to help develop the business case for the North Wales coast line. It is essential that both the UK and Welsh Government's work together to ensure the best deal for the people of North Wales."

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