‘I want your views on education’ - Aled Roberts AM launches consultation

2012 Hydref 12 3:01 PM

Aled Roberts, Shadow Minister for Education, will this Sunday host an all-day Education Forum in order to gather the views of party members, education experts and the people of Wales to help formulate Welsh Liberal Democrat education policy.

In preparation, Aled Roberts AM has this afternoon published his consultation document. The consultation paper provides a background to recent changes in education in Wales and discusses potential ways forward for Welsh policy-makers. It covers education in schools, colleges and universities and takes a broad look at how education is provided in Wales.

The Education Forum will be taking place on Sunday 14th October in the Castle Hotel, Brecon.

Aled Roberts, Shadow Minister for Education commented:

"When I decided to undertake a review of the Welsh Liberal Democrats education policy, I wanted to ensure that we hear the widest range of views as possible.

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that good education is the cornerstone of a prosperous society. This is why we fought hard in the National Assembly for the Pupil Premium - extra investment in our schools so that the poorest pupils get a fairer start in life. But we recognise more needs to be done.

"Across Wales we have teachers, pupils and parents that strive for a first class education system. Sadly, this Welsh Labour Government has allowed Wales' education system to fall further and further behind. That is why I want to talk to as many people as possible - to hear their ideas for making sure schools, colleges and universities help unleash everyone's potential.

"We only get the best debate by hearing the most voices - so I am encouraging anyone with ideas to take part. The consultation will last for a few months to enable the policy to be dealt with in our spring conference."



The consultation is available here: http://welshlibdems.org.uk/en/document/education-forum-paper.pdf.

Not all of the questions asked by the consultation will become party policy and no question or statement should be taken as being Welsh Liberal Democrat policy unless it has been approved by Conference.

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