‘Greater power involves greater responsibility’ – Peter Black AM

2012 Hydref 24 10:18 AM

Responding to the joint statement on funding reform made by the UK and Welsh Governments, Peter Black, Shadow Minister for Finance, commented:

"The Welsh Liberal Democrats have been arguing for a long time that the current funding system is unfair. Today's announcement is a significant step towards putting that system right.

"Despite being in Government for over a decade, Labour failed spectacularly to change the funding system for Wales. In two and a half years, Liberal Democrats in Government have delivered more than Labour managed in thirteen - even when we are in coalition with a party that is reluctant to see powers and responsibilities leave London.

"The Welsh Labour Government must now understand that greater power involves greater responsibility. For too long this Labour Government has sat back and blamed Westminster for their own failings. This can't be allowed to continue. Now that they have the tools, we need a responsible Welsh Government that is willing to tackle Wales' challenges head on."

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