Williams highlights issues of rurality in Milk Nursery Scheme debate

2012 Tachwedd 7 10:46 AM

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has reminded the Government of the issues faced in rural areas with nursery milk provision.

Speaking in a debate last night on the Government's consultation on the future of the Milk Nursery Scheme across the UK, initiated by Mark's Liberal Democrat colleague Annette Brooke MP, Mark highlighted the additional challenges faced in rural areas - particularly the higher costs of distribution. Dairy UK's response to the consultation highlighted Ceredigion as an area which could be at a disadvantage due to these additional costs.

Commenting, Mark Williams said:

'I visited a local nursery in Aberystwyth recently on World Milk Day and saw there the nutritional benefits to young children of having a daily morning milk break. It is important that children in Ceredigion do not miss out because they live in a rural location.

'The fact that Ceredigion was highlighted in Dairy UK's consultation response as an area which could be disadvantaged is a real concern, and I hope the Government considers the responses to this consultation very carefully before deciding on the arrangements for milk provision across the UK.

'I was also pleased that the Minister, in his response to the concerns raised in the debate, acknowledged the importance of ensuring the price of milk is fair for farmers. Any future pricing for milk for nurseries must take into account the added cost of rurality, and also be set at a fair milk price for farmers. I am pleased the Government reiterated their commitment to free milk for the under 5's.'

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