William Powell AM Calls for Urgent Action on Ash Dieback Disease

2012 Tachwedd 9 10:08 AM

With the first case of the deadly charala disease confirmed in Carmarthenshire, William Powell, Regional Assembly Member for Mid & West Wales and Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Rural Affairs has called for urgent action from the Welsh Government. He commented:

"Yesterday the UK Government brought together the best ideas from experts and all who care for our forests so we can urgently prepare an action plan on how to tackle Chalara and better protect our trees for the future. The UK Government's scientists and plant health experts will examine the ideas from the meeting and include the most effective ones in an action plan.

The UK Government has introduced a ban on ash imports as well as restrictions on the movement of trees. The ban has come into effect before the start of the main planting season at the end of November and builds on the voluntary moratorium that the industry had already put in place.

I want the Welsh Government to work closely with the UK Government to develop an action plan for Wales. This needs to be in place by next week. There is no time to lose. Ash dieback could have a devastating impact on our native ash trees and it's vital that we take action now."

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