Mark Williams MP presses for speed in implementation of Silk proposals

2012 Tachwedd 28 3:02 PM

In today's question session to the Secretary of State for Wales in the House of Commons, Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams asked the Secretary of State about a speedy implementation of the Silk Commission recommendations.

Mark Williams welcomed the Silk Report, expressing how keen he is to see work get underway on implementing its recommendations as soon as possible. He asked the Minister particularly about progress on the devolution of variable income tax to the Assembly, given that this is key to Assembly being able to act in a fiscally responsible way.

Commenting, Mark Williams said:

'I welcome the publication of Silk Report and congratulate Paul Silk and the rest of the committee on their work. I am also pleased that the Secretary of State confirmed that the Report is being looked into by the Treasury. I will continue to keep up the pressure to see implementation in this Parliament.

'The First Minister has indicated that the Labour party see full Barnett Reform as a pre-requisite to devolution of income tax. I trust the discussions between both Governments's will resolve this matter and we can move swiftly ahead with this next important step in the story of devolution.'

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